Kado NW is a mid-rise located in the NW Alphabet District in Portland, OR and offers 196 luxury apartment homes.


Branding, Art Direction, Print & Digital Design


Holland Partner Group




The Kado NW brand was inspired by the Japanese art of flower arrangement, "ikebana". 

The placement of each flower in Ikebana is meticulous and purposeful. Flowers and branches are trimmed into unrecognizable shapes.

Kado NW is in close proximity to Portland's Floral Design Institute and many other floral landmarks and gardens.

Digital &


The Kado NW digital and print media includes every brand item and features high contrast elements. The floral pattern is used as a border element, while the logo is always highlighted as the main focal point of the design.


logo design

Kado's logo shows the typical arch shape created by various materials from nature. In practice, shape is an important element of the overall design. The beauty is from looking at the materials in arrangement as a whole, rather than as individual elements. With this in mind, Kado's logo was created to allow each component to live harmoniously.

color palette

The color palette is mostly neutral with more subtle displays of color. This reflects the neutral shades of the branches used in floral arrangement and the expression of color through leaves and flowers.

Patterns are in the same illustrative style as the logo design. The wood pattern is used as a high contrast accent. 


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