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DIRECTOR: Jenna K Miller

LOCATION: 50 miles offshore

SYNOPSIS: There is so little we know about our planet’s oceans. “OFFSHORE” tells the story of the OOI (Ocean Observatories Initiative) in Corvallis, Oregon, a National Science Foundation funded program where scientists and crew work together off the coast of Oregon and Washington to gather data. This data teaches us about life in the oceans and how to care for them for future generations.


My journey capturing "OFFSHORE" began as a student volunteer aboard the 261-foot oceanographic research ship "R/V Sikuliaq" in Spring 2018. The eight-day trip took place many miles off the coast of Oregon and Washington. I documented OOI's research through photos while filming scenes on my personal camera for "OFFSHORE". 

Official Film Festival Selections

As of 07/17/19 

Hatfield Marine Science Center Film Festival

Dumbo Film Festival

Oregon Short Film Festival

Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Oregon Documentary Film Festival

Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019

Awarded "500th Film" at Colorado Environmental Film Festival in February 2019


Changing The Conversation 

Very little of our oceans have been explored, let alone understood. Solving the mysteries and answering the questions about our oceans means getting one step closer to knowing how we can properly preserve them. We can't make those steps without ocean research and the teams of incredible and courageous individuals who sometimes put their safety at risk to collect important data. 

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) includes instruments that measure ocean data over time.

OFFSHORE features The Endurance Array, located off the Oregon and Washington coasts.

The R/V Sikuliaq is a 261-foot oceanographic research ship capable of bringing scientists to the ice-
choked waters of Alaska and the polar regions.