The Ivey on Boren is a 44 story mixed use tower currently under development in the Denny Triangle, scheduled to reach completion in late Spring of 2022.


Branding, Art Direction, Print & Digital Design


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William Ivey

1919 - 1992

The Ivey brand was inspired by William Ivey, a celebrated, yet lesser known character in Seattle's storied art scene. 

Ivey was a painter and Cornish student who touched the lives of many through his artwork, mentorship, and humble demeanor.

The Ivey on Boren features a collaboration with Cornish College, Ivey's alma mater. 

Digital &


The Ivey on Boren's social media accounts include important brand elements such as the patterns, color palette, and brand voice.

All print media features the logo and highlights Susan Marinello's interior design. 


logo design

Utilizing a font that reads like a relaxed, yet intentional scribble of an artist's

signature, the Ivey brand effortlessly replicates the natural sophistication and organic, spa-like nature of the Boren project. Each calligraphic stroke mimics the fluid lines and rhythmic curves found within the building. 

The logo underwent multiple iterations in order to most closely resemble an authentic, human-made pen stroke. 

color palette

The color palette features mostly warm Pantone colors that are visible

in the interior design. 


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